5,90 €
Artichokes and Truffle Sauce: savoury to serve with pasta but also delicious for pizzas, omelettes andeven for ravioli stuffing.

6,00 €
Porcini Mushrooms and White Truffle Sauce: a tasty sauce combining porcini mushrooms with thetypical flavour of white truffle. It is perfect for toasts and croutons, but also for pasta and expecially forgnocchi.

4,90 €
Truffle sauce : this sauce will let your culinary imagination run as it perfectly combines with practicallyany kind of food: from soups to fillings, from meat main courses to seafood and even desserts ! You can useit alone or mix it with othter ingredients...

8,00 €
White Truffle Velvet Sauce : a delicious condiment made with white truffle, Grana Padano cheese and cream, perfect for seasoning meat main courses, but also seafood and first courses.