5,90 €
Artichokes and Truffle Sauce: savoury to serve with pasta but also delicious for pizzas, omelettes andeven for ravioli stuffing.

6,00 €
Balsamic Vinegar Black Glaze flavoured with Truffle: a balsamic vinegar based glaze, flavoured withtruffle, it is perfect to combine with fresh and matured types of cheese, but also with roasted meats andboiled vegetables. It is really special over...

15,00 €
Entire Summer Truffle: a completely natural product ready to be minced and perfect to refine appetizersand first courses.

6,00 €
Porcini Mushrooms and White Truffle Sauce: a tasty sauce combining porcini mushrooms with thetypical flavour of white truffle. It is perfect for toasts and croutons, but also for pasta and expecially forgnocchi.

15,00 €
Summer Truffle Carpaccio : thiny sliced pure summer truffle recommended to season any type of food.

19,90 €
Truffle cutter, completely made in stainless steel, with adjustable blade, ideal to cut your truffle according to your preferences.

4,90 €
Truffle sauce : this sauce will let your culinary imagination run as it perfectly combines with practicallyany kind of food: from soups to fillings, from meat main courses to seafood and even desserts ! You can useit alone or mix it with othter ingredients...

7,00 €
Butter with white truffle chips; it is delicious to prepare toasts and croutons, to season first courses,  to stir risotto and as basis for different egg based preparations.