Acacia Honey and Truffle: a delicious honey spiked with truffle’s flavour, perfect for aged and matured cheeses but also for fruits and desserts.

Egg Tagliatelle with White Truffle : Italian traditional egg past with an aftertase of white truffle.

Fresh Cheese with Truffle: Semi-hard fresh cheese of sheep or cow (depending on the season) withtruffle chips: it is delicious alone or together with first courses and pizza. If previously melted in a bainmarieit will be the perfect condiment for gnocchi,...

Grappa Liqueur with Truffle: a unique digestive liqueur with a peculiar truffle aftertaste, it is ideal at theend of any meal, and especially at the end of a truffle based one !

Hazelnut and Truffle Spread Cream : a delicious spread cream of hazelnuts and truffle to dress any kindof bread or to perfect different kind of desserts.

Pecorino Pit Cheese with Truffle : hard cheese with strong flavour. Wonderful alone or with honey ormarmelades. Perfect if grated upon pasta and pizza.

Salt Flower with Truffle : medium-fine grained natural sea-salt spiked with truffle, it is perfect to seasonseafood main courses and roasted meat.