A strong taste cream where the flavor of black truffle mixes with that of Pecorino romano cheese. Give it a try to season your pasta or risotto, or simply spread it over a toasted slice of bread.

Artichokes and Truffle Sauce: savoury to serve with pasta but also delicious for pizzas, omelettes andeven for ravioli stuffing.

Aubergine and Truffle Cream Sauce: another delicious mix of different flavours: the sweetness of theaubergines combined with the unique taste of the truffle . You will get an excellent risotto when using sucha complex and seasoned sauce.

Natural Truffle sauce : this sauce is composed of natural ingredients only and is a delicious condimentfor any kind of course: first dishes, omelettes, meat main courses, toasts and croutons.

Porcini Mushrooms and White Truffle Sauce: a tasty sauce combining porcini mushrooms with thetypical flavour of white truffle. It is perfect for toasts and croutons, but also for pasta and expecially forgnocchi.

Porcini Mushrooms Sauce: this sauce brings out the typical taste of porcini mushrooms and is ideal toprepare different appetizers as well to season any kind of pasta.

A special cream made with Gorgonzola cheese and Summer truffle shavings, it is particularly indicated to season first dishes (superb with gnocchi) and appetizers.

Truffle and Tomato Spicy Sauce: a tomato based sauce mixing peculiar withe truffle flavour with a spicyaftertaste. Ideal for seasoning any type of pasta and also for toasts and croutons.