Acacia Honey and Truffle: a delicious honey spiked with truffle’s flavour, perfect for aged and matured cheeses but also for fruits and desserts.

A strong taste cream where the flavor of black truffle mixes with that of Pecorino romano cheese. Give it a try to season your pasta or risotto, or simply spread it over a toasted slice of bread.

Artichokes and Truffle Sauce: savoury to serve with pasta but also delicious for pizzas, omelettes andeven for ravioli stuffing.

Aubergine and Truffle Cream Sauce: another delicious mix of different flavours: the sweetness of theaubergines combined with the unique taste of the truffle . You will get an excellent risotto when using sucha complex and seasoned sauce.

Balsamic Vinegar Black Glaze flavoured with Truffle: a balsamic vinegar based glaze, flavoured withtruffle, it is perfect to combine with fresh and matured types of cheese, but also with roasted meats andboiled vegetables. It is really special over...

Bianchetto White Truffle Carpaccio: delicious thiny slices of Bianchetto truffle preserved in sunflower oil,reccomended to refine appetizers or as basis for more important truffle courses.

Black truffle flavoured condiment with extra virgin olive oil and giant truffle slices. It is ideal to season first dishes, eggs and meat.

Egg Tagliatelle with White Truffle : Italian traditional egg past with an aftertase of white truffle.

Entire Summer Truffle: a completely natural product ready to be minced and perfect to refine appetizersand first courses.